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Meanwhile, please consider making a donation. It is with the generous financial support of patriots like you, that we are able to continue with this lawsuit, and this historic movement. Thank you! 
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YOUR DONATIONS: Your financial support and sharing of this GoFundMe campaign is greatly appreciated. Thank you to all patriots who have continued donating to help us raise the necessary funds so we can continue this battle. We rely on your continued support as this will be an be an expensive battle with ongoing legal costs, but it’s a battle we must fight and win. We are in it to win it! Anything contributes to the cause! Everything makes a difference! You can donate anonymously if you so choose. If you can’t donate, please at least share our GoFundMe. Thank YOU for your donations and for sharing!

Donations will be used to continuously fund legal services through Thomas Renz of Renz Law, LLC and Robert Gargasz of Gargasz Law Firm, as well as provide support services like communication tools and web hosting, and services to help further our movement including education and advertising, etc. Fiscal responsibility and transparency are of paramount importance to us. The donations will be transferred from GoFundMe directly into an IOLTA trust account. The Ohio Stands Up! Board will receive documentation of the transfer into the trust account. Upon receiving billing receipts from Mr. Renz, they will be posted on GoFundMe for donors to review.