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“It does not take a majority to prevail ... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brush fires of freedom in the minds of people.”  ― Samuel Adams


Legal Action


As a community-based legal advocacy organization, the Ohio Stands Up! Board works to locate and collaborate with attorneys willing to litigate in Ohio. We help by connecting potential plaintiffs with legal representation, reviewing cases that may benefit from financial support, and promoting and assisting with fund raising efforts to help relieve the financial burden of legal costs. 

Who are the Attorneys? 


Ohio Stands Up! has been vetting and researching attorneys willing to litigate in Ohio and we are officially

announcing our support of Mendenhall Law Group. Ohio Stands Up! is proud to announce that this small firm in

Akron, Ohio is dedicated to representing and litigating cases involving unconstitutional COVID policies impacting


What are the current Ohio cases in litigation we provided financial assistance to?

  • 1. Ohio University (case)

  • 2. University of Cincinnati (case)

  • 3. Bowling Green State University

  • 4. Smuckers (case)

  • 5. ADA Case

  • 6. Akron Children's Hospital Employees

  • 7. Highland Tavern (case)

  • 8. Perrysburg K-12 case 

  • 9. Maumee Schools K-12

  • 10. Hudson City Schools K-12

What other cases did Ohio Stands Up! fund?


1. The Emergency Declaration Case against Governor Mike Dewine: This case was pulled with the intention of refiling. The case was not refiled due to the removal of the State Emergency Declaration.  Also, SB 22 passed and overrode Dewine’s veto which limited Governor Dewine's powers. This landmark case paved the way for other states. 


2. The Initial filing against the CDC/HHS challenging the Federal ER: This case sat in court for many months and was dismissed. Currently, the case is under appeal with two of the initial plaintiffs. During this case, the Ohio Stands Up! board began receiving hundreds of calls with Ohioians in emergent need.  A shift in resources happened immediately. The Ohio Stands Up! Board of Directors voted unanimously to refocus back to our original mission and put financial donations behind Ohio cases forming. 


3. The Ohio Vax-a-Million Lottery Writ Against Governor Dewine: This case was dismissed by Justice Sharon Kennedy. She stated: 

“To be clear, I express no opinion regarding the weighty constitutional issues that Ohio Stands Up! raises. My only point is that this court lacks the judicial power to grant the remedy that Ohio Stands Up! seeks."


What other ways does Ohio Stands Up! help?


Ohio Stands Up! works to provide educational events all around Ohio as well as getting people connected in their communities. We have supported many businesses from the beginning who honor freedom. We have hosted events around Ohio for over two years!  Ohio Stands Up! has several county groups active in various advocacy work. Our nonprofit coordinates with other Ohio freedom groups and supports bills and amendments that secure our constitutional rights. Our members wrote proponent testimony for SB 22, HB 244, and HB 248. We also take many phone calls and emails to help support struggling Ohioans during this time. Ohio Stands Up! has vetted lawyers to help provide advice, legal support, and assist in this movement. We aim to continue to fulfill our stated goals and mission!


How can I help?

You can always contact us to volunteer, sign up for our emails, get connected in your county group, research and learn, run for office in your community, participate in events and assist in political changes and advocacy. You can also donate to our nonprofit, so we can continue to fund Ohio lawsuits, assist in business rescue and provide in person educational events. 




Archive of public Ohio Stands Up! legal documentation and evidence.



Archive of Ohio Stands Up! Press Releases and Media Coverage of our organization.



Archive of all State Executive Orders & Health Orders year-to-date.


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